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  • teamplate-Pendant_0031_33Quick View Sold Out

    Trellis Double Ring

    Flexible long ring

  • teamplate-Pendant_0010_111Quick View Sold Out

    Longevity O Ruby Ring

    Chinese character of longevity ring

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  • DPP_0095Quick View

    Azure Blue Galuchat Cuff

    Azure Blue Galuchat Cuff  diamond studded buckle.

  • DPP_0043Quick View

    Tangy Orange Galuchat Cuff

    Tangy Orange Galuchat Cuff with diamond studded buckle.

  • teamplate-Pendant_0004_5Quick View

    Adam’s Snake Ring

    Wrap-around two-finger ring.

  • DPP_0096Quick View

    Vivid Yellow Galuchat Cuff

    Vivid Yellow Galuchat Cuff with diamond studded buckle


Showing 1–6 of 12 results